SigmasTek YTX7A-BS / STX7A-BS Battery Review

SigmasTek YTX7A-BS - STX7A-BS Battery Review

Apart from the fact that choosing batteries for the car’s performance and energy source might be difficult, this decision is much more crucial than it would first appear in terms of the satisfaction of the driver and the vehicle. Furthermore, given that car batteries typically last 5 years, it is essential to purchasing a product that will perform and show energy in a manner appropriate for the vehicle throughout this time frame.

Considering all these, it can be much more difficult for vehicles that require hard roads and high performance, such as scooters and ATVs, to determine the energy source.

Accordingly, I have compiled my observations about the SigmasTek battery into this review. I have analyzed both the positive and negative elements I experienced when using this battery in my vehicle in this article’s general product rating.

Pros Cons
Convenient Design Not So Long-life Usage
AGM Maintenance-free Easily Dies
Guaranteed Compatibility Problematic Charging
Value for Money Problematic Shipping

SigmasTek YTX7A-BS STX7A-BS Battery Review

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Who is This Product For?

Batteries are items anticipated to display excellent performance in all areas, although certain difficulties need to be assessed and considered at various points before purchase. It is essential to explain the main reasons for buying SigmasTek in this situation and this review.

Along with all these mentioned, SigmasTek is a considerably more specialized product in comparison to its rivals because of the stacked construction of the product, which improves composition quality while also assessing and expressing this feature on usefulness and longevity as well as its convenience. Furthermore, by delivering quality utilization, the certified performance it demonstrates may please both user and the vehicle by meeting all expectations for a battery.

Features of SigmasTek YTX7A-BS / STX7A-BS Battery

Quality-built & Performance

I want to start by mentioning how well-made the product’s construction materials are. SigmasTek is a product that has increased its features with its usefulness and made it competent. It has been developed in a highly sturdy formation owing to its layered and solid construction. Even from the beginning of the utilization process, you can see that high-construction elements are employed in this situation.

Likewise, one of the major benefits of the product produced by this high-quality construction is that it has a convenient design for both scooters and ATVs. I thought the thing was well-made and practical. It is a product that functions quite well in terms of performance. Its substantial reserve capacity highlights how capable it is in terms of operation and functioning.

Additionally, SigmasTek can demonstrate both its functioning and the make-up of the sturdy and high-quality building components I previously described. It can also provide the user and the vehicle with satisfactory performance.

To wrap things up, SigmasTek is very functional in terms of performance, as well as having very high-quality hardware.

On the other hand, the usage performance is very short since it is problematic in charging. Still, I do not doubt that it can gather good feedback with the corrections to be made about charging.

Durability & Long-life

I said earlier that SigmasTek is pretty sturdy, in keeping with the quality of building materials I indicated earlier. At this stage, it is a product that, by demonstrating higher performance compared to numerous battery rivals and this quality in its functioning, pleases both the buyer and the vehicle in terms of operation.

In light of all of these, SigmasTek is a product that, under its superior design, ensures long-term usage. Although its composite construction might further increase the battery’s resilience and life, it functions well in this situation.

This product’s quality and longevity also represent the vehicle’s efficiency and capability. We may now discuss that the batteries I indicated at the beginning typically have a lifespan of five years. Although scooters are small vehicles when considered in this context, they can be pretty consuming in terms of energy when needed, and accordingly, regarding the usage areas of vehicles such as ATVs, having a solid structure and design becomes a significant factor.

That is to say, a battery’s ability to work correctly and consistently may be determined by the fact that it is well-built. In keeping with the qualities above, the SigmasTek has a reasonably sturdy structure.

On the other hand, as for the negative aspect of its durable performance, SigmasTek has a charging problem, as mentioned above. Accordingly, this problematic situation results in a shortening of its functioning life.

SigmasTek YTX7A-BS STX7A-BS Battery Review 2

Convenient Design & Practical Usage

When the general battery designs are discussed, I can say that the average size varies according to the average usage area. That is to say; the size is very important for the battery to fit inside the vehicle and position it practically, and in this direction, the size of each battery may vary according to the vehicle of use. 

Accordingly, while the dimensions of an average car battery are 9.5 x 6.9 x 8.3 Inches, the battery sizes that should be used for a scooter or ATV vehicle may vary. At this point, SigmasTek has a pretty good size and placement and a pretty good voltage. Providing all the energy required for your vehicle can satisfy you in terms of use by exhibiting superior performance.

Plus, I have also experienced that, together with the excellent design of use, the product provides convenience and practicality to the user in situations such as exchange or replacement.

Value for Money & Affordable

In terms of whether the product satisfies the requirements, I can state that SigmasTek does so reasonably well. In addition, it is a generally affordable product in this situation. It is highly distinguished in that it can be provided to its consumers simply and that it can display all these qualities for a low price. As a result that it is very cost-effective relative to many of its rivals in the market.

Along with all these, this broad analysis of the product’s characteristics reveals that it offers good value for its price except for a few minor flaws. In this direction, I guarantee that the product will not disappoint the buyer and user and will not regret it.

Final Verdict

As a final verdict, based on my experience, I can say that SigmasTek is entirely value for money. Accordingly, it is a privileged product that can offer all its features at a very affordable price.

Supportively, SigmasTek is a well-equipped product. In addition to having quality components in terms of structure, it also has a quality that can reflect this equipment in its performance. This product, which has transferred this well-equipped performance quality to its long life, is an ideal product for its buyer in terms of use. Its size is suitable for vehicles such as scooters and ATVs, and its practical use is another outstanding feature.

I do not doubt that SigmasTek, which can provide all these features mentioned and evaluated at a very affordable cost and as value for money, will shine in the sales lists with the corrections it will make on some minor points.

Genuine SigmasTek YTX7A-BS / STX7A-BS Sealed Maintenance Free ATV Quad Motorcycle Scooter Moped Battery …
  • Replacement Battery for YTX7A-BS, PTX7A-BS, GTX7A-BS, UTX7A, CYTX7A-BS and WP7A-BS.
  • Mfr Part Number: STX7A-BS (12 Volt 7 AmpH)
  • AGM Maintenance Free
  • Item Package Quantity: 1
  • Guaranteed compatibility with OEM battery

Top Amazon Customer Comments

Mom on the move – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Great for the price

gomex – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Battery came as described. It works great on the kids Suzuki LTZ 90.

Andrew Dan-Jumbo – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Regardless of price & no matter whether a battery tender is used or not, every battery ever installed in both my scooters and my motorbike never last more than 18 months. So with this in mind I was delighted to find such an inexpensive replacement that was of such good quality. At the time of writing this review I have only had the batteries in service for a couple of months, but so far they seem to be performing perfectly.

J. L. Smith – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I had my moped in storage for several years and made the error of using a regular trickle charger on it over night. When the charge didn’t last I thought I’d just need a cheap cycle battery. Came to find out these are gel cell battery and are realy expensive. After researching found a regulated charger is needed for these and as a rule they last almost forever if treated properly. I was thrilled to find this replacement for nearly half the price of one from the auto stores. Thanks again amazon.

JohnH2400 – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Good replacement for Yamaha 125 Vino. While it did arrive fully charged, I put it on a ‘Battery Tender Plus’ for about 3 hours before installing to make sure it was topped off. Since installation it had the opportunity to sit for a week before starting right up with no fading of charge. The battery it replaced would only hold a partial charge for perhaps 2 days.

Slayals – ⭐⭐⭐

Review: These came in a timely fashion but they do not seem to hold as full of a charge as the old ones which cost about the same. After a charge they do work but they do not hold the expected charge.

tom – ⭐⭐⭐

Review: My suggestion, buy the larger battery with more crank amp power.I bought this battery cause it’s compact and the price is good. I have regular battery but its not the sealed type. It still works I just dont like the water to come out each time I tilt the Scooter. Anyway I compared the battery power. The new battery (fully charged) one start just doesn”t start the bike but the old one It’s starts in one crack.

peter – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: A long time ago I purchased 2 batteries from this Company. I live in Trinidad


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