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Enduro Power 12V Lithium Battery Review

How to Jumpstart a Dead Lithium-Ion Battery

A battery or accumulator is a system that stores energy chemically. The chemical energy contained in it is converted into electrical energy when the driver starts the vehicle or when any electronic circuit is activated. Thus, the operation of the vehicle’s engine or the operation of the radio is ensured.

Now that the importance of batteries is explained, many battery brands exist. Enduro is the most popular and effective battery brand. It is very beneficial in that it is long-lasting and durable. The installment and shipment of this product are carried out easily and fast. Enduro’s being small, and lightweight provides an opportunity for purchasers to save some space. Finally, Enduro has a 10-year warranty which is very important for divers because batteries are expensive. 

Pros Cons
Long battery life Expensive
Advanced battery management Requires an adapter
Space-saving No special maintenance
Fast and easy installation Limited availability in some regions
Enduro Power 12V Lithium Battery Review
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How to Care for Enduro?

Enduro does not require special maintenance most of the time. However, there are some rules which should be followed and taken into consideration for the protection of batteries. For example, there are some indicators on batteries. These indicators should be controlled occasionally. Apart from this rule, other factors should be fulfilled for better care and maintenance. 

The corner points of batteries should be kept clean. Of course, it is important to clean the whole battery but cleaning the corners is more crucial. Dirty and dusty corners of batteries could lead to some problems in the process of driving cars. Another clue for caring for the Enduro is ensuring it is immobilized and steady. Therefore, the place and hole in which Enduro is placed should be controlled attentively. 

There can be some liquids which are like oil or juice, on batteries. Enduro can be exposed to these dirty liquids. Purchasers should be careful about this problem, and they should clean and dry the battery in case of this situation. Finally, if the users do not drive their cars for a long time, they should remove the terminals while the cars are parked in a garage or outside. This is very beneficial in extending the battery life

Features of Enduro Power 12V Lithium Battery

Long-Lasting and Durable

Batteries are significant for cars, so purchasers look for sturdy and durable batteries. Durable batteries can stand against harsh conditions, so they are favorable for drivers. Unfortunately, there are a lot of battery types that are not durable enough to endure for years. Enduro is not one of these battery brands. It is durable, and it is long-lasting, and sufficient to endure for a long time. Enduro is also essential because harsh weather conditions do not lead to any problems for cars that include it. 

The charging process of Enduro is another significant feature of Enduro that can encourage customers to purchase. It has a long battery life, and the charging time is not too long. Enduro is very advantageous because of these features. Imagine that you are traveling in your car, and your car stops without any reason. After checking it, you figure out whether the battery is broken or off. This is an essential problem for people. It is less probable to experience an incident like that for drivers who use Enduro. 

Enduro is also beneficial in saving money and time. Car batteries are generally costly. Therefore, drivers pay attention to using their cars carefully to prevent paying for another battery. Finding a durable and long-lasting battery like Enduro is very crucial in preventing people from spending money on paying extra batteries and spending time looking for the best battery. 

Fast Shipment and Easy Installation

Enduro originated in the USA. That is, it is produced in America, and it can be ordered from all countries all over the world. When purchasers read this sentence and learn that the product is brought from the USA, they think it will take a long time to get their products. This is a fallacy. Enduro has a perfect shipment system that is quick and fast enough to arrive at the destination in a very short time. This is a significant advantage that encourages purchasers to acquire the product. 

Apart from fast Shipment, Enduro has another advantageous feature: easy installation. Some brands take too much time to install. People generally have to be exposed to many technical issues, like searching for mechanics when buying a battery from these brands. The installation of batteries is also a trouble that customers avoid. Enduro is a perfect solution for these people. The installation of Enduro Batteries is so easy that they can even install the batteries themselves. 

There are two alternatives for installing Enduro Batteries. First, purchasers can request some workers from the brand to install their batteries. The other alternative is installing their batteries independently without getting help from workers because the installation is not complicated. The second alternative is generally preferred. 

Enduro Power 12V Lithium Battery Review 2

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Space Saving

Enduro is a space-saving and lightweight product. Batteries are generally spacious and big. These features are very disadvantageous for customers or purchasers. There can be some situations or incidents in which batteries must be carried from someplace to a destination. 

For example, there might be a problem with the battery, which obstructs the car’s operation. In these situations, drivers have to carry their batteries to take them to a mechanic so that they can fix them. Big and spacious batteries are very heavy, so carrying them can be more difficult. Enduro which is lightweight and space-saving is a perfect option for drivers with these problems. 

A space-saving battery is generally resistant and durable against potential vibration. However, there might be some situations in which cars shake and waggle. The battery can vibrate in these situations. Vibration is detrimental to cars, so drivers generally pay attention to preventing cars from leading to any adversity which causes the battery vibration. 

Enduro is very resistant to vibration, and it decreases the possibility of any accident caused by battery vibration. Enduro is both lightweight and space-saving, which paves the way for carrying the batteries and preventing battery vibration. 


The most crucial feature of Enduro is its warranty. It is tough to give a warranty for a car battery since t can be harmed and broken easily. However, Enduro has a 10-year warranty for its customers. That means the company is ready to lay their customers back if the battery cannot stand durable for ten years and if it is broken without outside intervention. 

However, it should not be forgotten that the warrant is not valid in case of an accident. Besides, when the battery is broken or harmed intentionally, the warranty policy is no longer in use, and it is disabled. 

Car batteries are generally costly. Therefore, people are generally looking for a durable battery to get rid of buying another expensive battery. Enduro is an excellent opportunity for these people. 

Purchasers will be peaceful and confident after buying this product since they will be aware that they can use their right to take their money back in case of any battery problem. As stated above in the pros and cons title, it is an undeniable fact that Enduro is also an expensive product. However, the warranty policy makes it distinctive from other car batteries. 

Final Verdict

Car batteries are very significant for people to drive their cars safely. Therefore, they should be chosen and purchased with great attention. This article is written to give information about one of the most advantageous car battery brands, Enduro Power 12V Lithium Battery. Enduro has some disadvantages, but its advantages outweigh its drawbacks and give drivers great opportunities. 

There is no demanding maintenance of this battery. It is straightforward to clean and maintain Enduro. There are two disadvantages of this product. The first one is related to its price. Enduro is not a cheap battery, but it can be afforded since there are a lot of advantages to the product. 

The second disadvantage of Enduro is that it can require an adapter and converter. However, adapters and converters are not challenging to acquire. Therefore, this drawback can be solved easily. To sum up, Enduro is a great product and users and drivers advise it. 

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Top Amazon Customer Comments

R H – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I wanted to switch my RV from Lead Acid to Lithium but was somewhat limited on space. This battery fit so well that I was able to fit 3 more of these into the same footprint where I had 2 lead acid batteries in battery boxes. The lasting power is great as I’m now able to run numerous appliances and TVs overnight (with 800Ah) without having to run the generator. Customer service is outstanding….If they’re busy, I’ll leave a message and I always get a call back. Thak you for the guidance/recommendations and support!

david mitchell – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: The battery compartment in my camper is narrow and no one but Enduro makes one that will fit to replace my two 6 volt golf cart batteries. Not only is it smaller than most and fits perfectly with a full 200ah, the BMS has a cold temperature shutoff for charging. This is a MUST for campers stored in cold climates. You will easily ruin a very expensive battery if you charge it below freezing temperatures. I have spoken to their support to ask them questions and they are friendly and knowledgeable. It was well worth getting a battery from a company based in the US that understands how their product is being used and what their customers need. With my 210ah golf cart batteries, I could get 2 days of use before they were mostly drained and didn’t have much power to run water pumps or slides. With my Enduro, I can easily get 10+ days off grid. Yes its more expensive than led acid, but cost over 10 years adds up to about the same and I am getting way more bang for the buck during that time. Glad I made the investment.

Richard D. – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I love how light it is maybe a third of the weight of a regular battery I used it for my electric motor on my kayak the bad news is it’s very expensive also the 24 volt charger that plugged into 120 volt outlet would trip my gfi which was 15 amp when I put it on a circuit without a gfi I was ok

Marathon1 – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I just installed 2 Enduro Power 300ah LiFePO3 batteries in my Coachman RV. These replace a 300ah AGM so that I don’t have battery anxiety anymore. There are only a few LiFePO3 Battery manufacturers that have the necessary Low Temperature Charging Cutoff. This saves your batteries because it won’t allow charging below 32 F. I chose these because they seem to have a good Battery Monitoring System (BMS) and they have a reasonably small footprint for the number of amp hours. It seems like this company is working to be the next game-changing Lithium Battery company. I experienced fast delivery, great packaging and great customer service from Enduro Power


Review: These batteries are great. We used to run out of power by morning requiring us to go out and start our generator early every morning. We have gone 3.5 days off-grid with these batteries with 190W of solar on the roof. Easily enough power to run our 2000W inverter to power our coffee maker each morning.


Review: The Batt shipped very quickly, The English speaking representatives are very knowledgeable and friendly. I am building a conversion trailer into an RV. I was looking at a 200Ah batt, but the cost was a little over my budget so I went with a 100/Ah Batt. Come to find out it is just perfect for my needs, I’m not running a lot so It’s working very well. This is a very fine product, and the Local U.S., English speaking support team is what put this in for me, I would strongly recommend this product and company.

Rorie – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Liked I was able to discuss my needs with an American company, but disappointed the battery was actually made in China. Had I known that ahead of time I would have bought from the Chinese manufacturer for half the price.

grumpy grampa – ⭐⭐⭐

Review: Best battery I have owned for my fishing kayak ever. I run a trolling motor on my rig. Since adding the Enduro Power battery last month I have extended my range by 2-3x. I get double the run time, but since the voltage doesn’t drop like my lead acid the trolling motor thrusts me at the same speed for the entire time I am out on the water.


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