WISSENERGY 40A EV Charger Level 2 Review

WISSENERGY 40A EV Charger Level 2 Review


In the age of electric vehicles (EVs), the need for efficient and reliable charging solutions has never been greater. With more and more people making the switch to electric, the demand for home charging options that are both fast and user-friendly has skyrocketed. The WISSENERGY 40A EV Charger Level 2 is one such product that promises to meet these demands head-on. In this comprehensive review, we will delve deep into the features, pros, and cons of this portable level 2 EV charger. Whether you’re a seasoned EV owner or a newbie considering the switch to electric, this review will help you determine if the WISSENERGY 40A EV Charger Level 2 is the right fit for your charging needs.

Pros Cons
1. 40A Fast Charging: With a maximum charging power of 9.6KW, this level 2 charger is five times faster than standard level 1 chargers (110V). 1. Price: While feature-packed, this charger may be on the higher end of the price spectrum for some consumers.
2. LCD Displayer: The built-in LCD color screen provides real-time information on the charging process, including startup, standby, charging status, faults, and more. 2. Limited Compatibility: While it works with most plug-in EVs with SAE J1772 connectors, it may not be compatible with all electric car models.
3. 25FT Charging Cable: The generous 25-foot cable offers flexibility and convenience for charging your EV in various locations. Plus, it comes with a handy storage bag for portability. 3. Installation: Requires access to a NEMA 14-50 outlet, which may necessitate professional installation for some users.
4. Compatibility: This charger is compatible with a wide range of plug-in EVs, making it suitable for most home use scenarios. 4. Size and Weight: While portable, it’s not as compact as some other chargers on the market, which could affect ease of storage and transportation.

WISSENERGY 40A EV Charger Level 2 Review

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Who Is This Product For?

The WISSENERGY 40A EV Charger Level 2 is designed for a specific audience, and understanding if you fall within this category is crucial before making a purchase. This product is ideal for:

EV Owners Seeking Faster Charging: If you own an electric vehicle and are tired of slow charging with standard level 1 chargers, the WISSENERGY 40A EV Charger Level 2 offers a substantial speed boost, allowing you to get back on the road faster.
Tech-Savvy Users: The LCD display and real-time information make this charger an excellent choice for users who appreciate advanced technology and want to monitor their charging progress closely.
Users Needing Extended Reach: The 25-foot charging cable provides flexibility and convenience for those who need to charge their EVs in locations with limited access to power outlets.
EV Owners with Compatible Vehicles: If your electric car is equipped with an SAE J1772 connector, this charger is likely to be compatible with your vehicle, making it a suitable choice for most EV owners.

The Features of the WISSENERGY 40A EV Charger Level 2

40A Fast Charging

The most significant advantage of the WISSENERGY 40A EV Charger Level 2 is its impressive charging speed. With a maximum charging power of 9.6KW, this charger is a game-changer for EV owners looking to minimize charging time. It’s five times faster than traditional level 1 chargers (110V), meaning you can charge your vehicle in a fraction of the time it would take with a slower charger.

The 40A fast charging capability of this EV charger is a standout feature that sets it apart from the competition. Traditional Level 1 chargers can be excruciatingly slow, often requiring hours to top up your electric vehicle. However, with the WISSENERGY 40A EV Charger Level 2, the wait time is significantly reduced. Whether you’re in a hurry to hit the road or simply want the convenience of a quicker charging cycle, this feature is a major selling point. It ensures that you spend less time waiting around for your vehicle to charge and more time enjoying the benefits of electric mobility.

LCD Displayer

One of the standout features of this EV charger is its intuitive LCD color screen. This screen serves as a comprehensive information hub during the charging process, providing you with real-time updates and insights into the charging status of your electric vehicle.

Startup: The startup page provides essential information about the initial connection between the charger and your vehicle. It confirms that the charger is ready to begin the charging process.
Standby: The standby page indicates the charger’s readiness to charge your EV. It lets you know that the charger is waiting for your vehicle to be connected.
Charging: During the charging process, the charger displays real-time information about the charging status. You can monitor the progress and see how quickly your EV is gaining charge.
Full: The charger alerts you when your EV is fully charged. This notification ensures that you’re promptly informed when it’s time to disconnect your vehicle.
Charging Information: For those who want detailed insights into their charging sessions, the charger offers a page that provides comprehensive charging data. This can include information like the amount of energy consumed, charging time, and more.
Fault: In the event of any issues or faults during the charging process, the charger’s LCD displayer will provide error messages. This feature is invaluable for troubleshooting and addressing problems promptly.

The LCD displayer ensures that you’re always in the know about your charging progress, allowing you to plan your schedule effectively and address any problems promptly. It adds a level of transparency to the charging process that is often missing in standard chargers. Whether you want to monitor your vehicle’s charge level or quickly identify and resolve any issues, the LCD screen simplifies the entire experience.

WISSENERGY 40A EV Charger Level 2 Review

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25FT Charging Cable

Flexibility is a key aspect of the WISSENERGY 40A EV Charger Level 2, thanks to its 25-foot charging cable. This extended reach makes it easy to charge your electric vehicle in various settings, whether you’re parked in a garage, driveway, or even a larger outdoor space.

The generous 25-foot charging cable is a game-changer, eliminating the need for you to park your EV uncomfortably close to an electrical outlet. This freedom allows you to choose where you charge your vehicle, giving you more control and convenience. Whether you prefer the privacy of your garage or the outdoorsy feel of charging in your driveway, this charger’s cable provides the flexibility you need.

Additionally, the charger comes with a handy storage bag for the cable. This storage solution ensures that you can keep your cable organized and portable, making it convenient to take your charger on the go. Whether you’re traveling or simply want to have your charger with you for peace of mind, the included storage bag simplifies the process.


Compatibility is crucial when it comes to EV chargers, and the WISSENERGY 40A EV Charger Level 2 doesn’t disappoint. It’s designed to work with all plug-in electric vehicles that feature an SAE J1772 connector.

This broad compatibility ensures that a wide range of EV owners can benefit from the enhanced charging capabilities this product offers. Whether you drive a Tesla, Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Bolt, or another popular electric car model, chances are this charger is a suitable fit for your needs. This compatibility feature is a major advantage, as it eliminates concerns about whether the charger will work with your specific electric vehicle.

With this charger, you won’t have to worry about investing in a product that’s limited to a particular car brand or model. Instead, you can enjoy the flexibility of choosing from a wide variety of electric vehicles, knowing that your charger will be compatible with them. This makes the WISSENERGY 40A EV Charger Level 2 a smart and future-proof choice for EV owners.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the WISSENERGY 40A EV Charger Level 2 is a compelling option for electric vehicle owners seeking a faster, smarter, and more convenient charging solution. Its 40A fast charging capability, LCD displayer, 25-foot charging cable, and broad compatibility with SAE J1772 connectors make it a standout choice in the world of EV chargers.

However, it’s essential to consider the cons, such as the price point and the need for a NEMA 14-50 outlet for installation. While the cost may be justified by the product’s features and capabilities, it may still be a significant factor for budget-conscious consumers. Additionally, the requirement for a specific outlet type could lead to extra installation costs for those who don’t already have a compatible setup.

Ultimately, the decision to purchase the WISSENERGY 40A EV Charger Level 2 will depend on your specific needs and budget. If you value fast charging, advanced technology, and the flexibility of a longer charging cable, this charger is worth serious consideration. Its compatibility with a wide range of electric vehicles ensures that it will serve you well now and in the future as you continue your journey into the world of electric mobility.

WISSENERGY 40A EV Charger Level 2 Portable Electric Car Charger, 220V-240V, 9.6KW, 25ft Cable, NEMA 14-50 Home EV Charging Stations, J1772 Connecter, ETL Listed (40A丨NEMA 14-50)
  • 【40A Fast Charging】Portable level 2 EV charger, 40A 220V-240V home use or outdoor use. 9.6KW (max) fast charging, 5X faster than normal level 1 (110V) car charger. Faster charging, less waiting.
  • 【LCD Displayer】This smart electric car charger equipped with LCD color screen, can clearly show different pages: Startup, Standby, Charging, Full, Charging Information, Fault and etc.
  • 【25FT Charging Cable】Compact size, totally 25FT long enough for charging anywhere. A FREE storage bag makes it portable. Convenient to use, just plug into your car and find a NEMA 14-50 outlet then charging starts.
  • 【Compatibility】This NEMA 14-50 ev charger is compatible with all plug-in EVs with SAE J1772 connecter. Suitable for most home use.
  • 【1 YEAR WARRANTY】WISSENERGY provides 1 year warranty on quality issues. Please contact us freely if you need any help. Our WS045 portable EV charger is ETL listed, detecting the whole charging progress, providing 8 protections, including Over-voltage, Under-voltage, Overload, Short Circuit, Leakage, Ground Fault, Over-temperature and Lightning.


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