Reikken JB609 Battery Review

The Advantages of Lithium-ion Batteries: A Comprehensive Guide


The accumulator is an economical and easy way to uninterrupted energy or backup energy needs. This energy store, used in devices and vehicles, was first found in 1895 by a Swedish scientist. It is formed by immersing two pure lead plates in diluted sulfuric acid and passing a current over them in one direction. According to their construction, batteries are divided into groups, such as steel or lead.

Today, batteries have developed a lot, and many kinds of batteries have emerged. We will review this product that makes our life easier. As we look at the features of the Reikken brand battery JB609, we will focus on its quality, durability, ease of use, and value for money. If you’re ready, let’s start.

Pros Cons
Does not take up much space Vulnerable to damage
High Performance Exaggerated product description
Durable Product Weight
Price-Performance Product Limited applications

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Who Is This Product? 

Are you looking for a new battery or want to learn about battery brands and products? Then you are exactly at the right place because we are examining the brands and the products of the brands which are informed about the mechanism of the batteries and produce the right batteries due to their knowledge. Let’s see if the Reikken JB609 battery is right for you.

This product is a battery model for consumers looking for a small battery and expecting high performance. The product’s dimensions are 7.13 x 3 x 6.54 inches, and it weighs 11.62 pounds. This little product delivers 12V while delivering 650 wattages. Offering them in terms of features, the brand is loved by its users.

Also, you can use this product in your motor vehicle or play the guitar. In short, if you are looking for a battery that does not take up much space, has good power, and is durable. This battery from the Reikken brand may be for you.

Of course, we recommend that you read the rest of our article to make your final decision because as you read the article, you will see the product’s details. This product may be the battery that you are looking for.

Features of Reikken JB609 Battery


When we take a look at the structure of batteries, we see that they are divided into different types, such as nickel-iron, nickel-cadmium, silver, and zinc. The most widely used type in automobiles is a lead-acid battery. These features of the batteries affect the quality and durability. 

As a result of the widespread consumption frenzy today, we are skeptical about the quality of brands and their products. Since the Reikken brand has been in the industry for 50 years, the products produced are of high quality by the brand.

The Reikken JB609 battery also has a good build-in quality. In particular, you feel the high-performance quality to the fullest, and the battery fully meets the 12 Volts it promises as energy.

When we look at the user comments, we see that the users are very satisfied with the product quality because it offers high-quality performance and durability and can work for a long time, which proves that it is a quality product.

The Reikken brand states in its product description that it is the most powerful cell you can buy, has a world-record power output, and is better than any battery in its category. But we think this statement is an exaggeration. Yes, although it is a successful product in terms of quality and performance, it is not better than all the batteries in its category.


When we look at the working mechanism of the battery, it provides energy to the starter motor, all circuits, the ignition system, and the receivers. The battery in gasoline engines consists of six elements connected in series. These elements contain positively and negatively charged plates.

Positive plates consist of lead dioxide as the active substance, and negative plates consist of pure lead. The way of production and durability of these products with this structure is an important issue. If a battery is not made of durable materials, it can easily get damaged and expire in a short time. 

The type of Reikken brand is an AGM battery, which means it’s a completely sealed, leak-free, liquid-free structure. Thanks to this structure, the durability of the product increases. Because the product will not rust. But the weight of the battery is ‎11.62 pounds, making it more vulnerable to a fall or sudden collapse. 

In addition to these features, when we look at the users’ comments, we see that the product is not easy to damage by different conditions, and they do not experience any deterioration. In short, in the production of the Reikken JB609 battery, durable materials were used.

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What makes a battery a battery is a powerful one. We are aware that many factors affect the battery’s performance. We discussed some of these factors above. In other words, the quality and durability of a battery are directly proportional to its performance. Reikken JB609 battery is a quality and durable product. This is influenced by the materials in its production and the deep-rooted history of the brand.

In addition, this battery, measuring 7.13 x 3 x 6.54 inches and weighing 11.62 pounds, provides 650 Wattage and 12 Volts of current. Notwithstanding the product’s tiny size, it’s a strong product. Most users say that this product provides good engine energy and that the power difference is noticeably bigger, especially when compared to old batteries.

We are aware that the cornerstone of the battery is performance. The Reikken brand has created a product that meets the promise of 50 years of battery experience and strong performance. Let’s not forget this, no matter how good the performance of your battery is, you should be careful about its maintenance.

That performance gradually loses its former power. If you do not want to see a negative change after a certain period and want to use your battery with the same performance, you should act carefully. 

Value For Money

We mentioned that batteries are perishable products, which is misleading because there are too many brands. This is a problem we experience with almost every product nowadays. No matter what we do, we cannot prevent it. That’s why you should trust the brand and its products in shopping. It’s easy to do the right research to be sure, like our reviews.

When we look at the battery of the Reikken brand, we can say that it is a brand for which you can get your money’s worth. This is because of 50 years of experience and quality production. In addition, the product meets the promise in terms of performance and is durable.

Thanks to the beneficial features of the product, you will not regret the money you spend. It is exactly the right product in terms of price and performance. 

When we look at the user comments, we see that everyone except one or two is satisfied with this product. They even say that they will turn to the Reikkken brand from now on. When we looked at the bad user reviews, we couldn’t find anything noteworthy.

We realized that there are complaints that can be made about every brand and every product. That’s why you can feel comfortable while buying this product, and you can be sure that your money is not wasted.

Final Verdict 

Accumulators, which have been in our lives since 1895, make our lives easier and provide energy needs. When we buy these products that make our lives easier, we may worry about finding the right battery. Because many factors, such as the quality and durability of a battery, directly affect its performance and life of the battery.

To help you find the right battery, we examined the Reikken brand’s JB609 battery from different angles. We focused on features such as durability, quality, and performance and discussed in detail whether it is a product worth buying.

We think this drum of the Reikken brand is a product worth trying. Because the product provides the promised features and is recommended by users. With the effect of these, it is a product you will not regret at its normal price. See you until another review.

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Top Amazon Customer Comments

Brett – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: For some reason one of these can’t smooth out 350 rms out of a 800 rms Class A/B amp, I thought just one would do it, but it didn’t and no returns on Amazon for this product. I have the big 3 upgrade and am running 2 gauge wire, lights do not dim and I have steady 14 volts while driving playing music full blast, so the charging circuit is fine. I was hoping one of these would solve my dimming issue at idle but nope, guess I’ll have to buy another one and see if that does it because one didn’t do the trick.

Brett – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Only gave it 4 atars because I seen 1 review where someone said it looked used cuz it had sticky stuff on the top, not used but rebranded. I’d really like to know whos battery it really is though because it’s not a Reikken like my original.

MrUsa – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Not as powerful as some state. I have one 2000 watt D class sub amp and one 600 watt D class mids amp. I am pushing them hard and have a 950CA AGM battery under the hood brand new and also a 10 farad Orion cap. That being said this thing needed charged before install so it can work properly then once charged it still didn’t push the power as hard as I’d of liked. For a real system 2000 to 3000 watts and I recommend two of these and you’ll be happy.

MrUsa – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: For small system nothing greater then 800 watts 1000 if you lucky

That one guy – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: For the price, these power cells are perfect. I have two, 800 watt Skar amps (one for each sub) and these things keep my electrical running strong and without voltage drops. Made a custom bracket so I could mount them to my sub enclosure and saved a ton of space. Pull the trigger and pick one (or more up.) I suggest 1 per 1000 watts RMS.

Jared – ⭐⭐

Review: Wow.. This little battery packs a punch!.. I honestly wasn’t expecting much, especially for the price, but wow. My apm kept cutting out ALL the time as soon as the bass hit. I upgraded the wires from the battery and ground, No difference, I added a capacitor, No difference.. I decided to give this battery a try.. BOOM.. the bass hits hard and the amp doesn’t flinch.. I was even able to crank up the settings on the amp.. I’m very happy with this battery and strongly recommend it!

Mike Bender – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Need more information can’t find any age or fla can’t charge it till I figure it out.

Mike Bender – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Worked fine for about 2 weeks but them my amp started going into protection mode and sounded like I blew my subs. After switching subwoofers and amp the problem didn’t go away so I took the battery out and the problem was fixed. Subs and amp still work battery however I highly doubt it. My amp is power hungry so I gave it a 3 just to be nice since it did work well (for 2 weeks) I think it just wasn’t strong enough.

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