POXURIO Level 2 EV Charger Review

POXURIO Level 2 EV Charger Review


As the world of electric vehicles continues to expand, the need for efficient and versatile charging solutions becomes paramount. The POXURIO Level 2 EV Charger steps up to the plate, offering impressive charging speeds, advanced safety features, and a user-friendly design. This review dives deep into the features, pros, cons, and suitability of the POXURIO Level 2 EV Charger for different users’ needs.

Pros Cons
1. Rapid Charging: With a charging capacity of 32Amp/240V and 7 KW, this charger can juice up your EV 6 times faster than a standard level 1 charger. 1. No App Connectivity: Unlike some modern EV chargers, the POXURIO lacks app connectivity for remote monitoring and control.
2. Adjustable Amperage: The charger offers flexible amperage settings (8/10/13/16/32 Amp) to adapt to your vehicle’s needs. 2. Limited Color Options: While the black color is sleek, it might not match everyone’s aesthetic preferences.
3. Weather-Resistant: Designed to withstand temperatures ranging from -13°F to 122°F, and featuring IP65 waterproof rating, it’s suitable for various climates. 3. Cable Length: While the 25-foot cable is convenient for most situations, it might fall short in specific setups.
4. Wide Compatibility: Compatible with a range of EVs meeting SAE J1772 standards, including popular models like Nissan LEAF, Audi e-tron, and more. 4. Mounting Type: The wall-mounted design might not be suitable for those who prefer a portable charger.

POXURIO Level 2 EV Charger Review

Who Is This Product For?

The POXURIO Level 2 EV Charger is an ideal choice for a broad spectrum of electric vehicle owners. If you own an electric car and want to cut down charging times significantly, this charger’s rapid 32Amp/240V capacity ensures your vehicle gains 23-29 miles of range per hour of charging. Whether you’re a daily commuter, a road-trip enthusiast, or someone who values speed and convenience, this charger caters to your needs.

The Features of the POXURIO Level 2 EV Charger

The POXURIO Level 2 EV Charger isn’t just another charging solution; it’s a comprehensive package of innovative features designed to elevate your electric vehicle charging experience. Let’s delve into the four standout features that set this charger apart:

Rapid Charging Speeds

One of the most compelling attributes of the POXURIO charger is its exceptional charging speed. With the capacity to deliver a robust 7 KW of power, it redefines the notion of efficiency when it comes to charging your electric vehicle. This level of power translates into up to six times faster charging speeds when compared to standard level 1 chargers. In practical terms, this means that your electric vehicle can gain an impressive 23-29 miles of range per hour of charging. Such accelerated charging empowers you to spend more time enjoying the open road and less time tethered to a charging station. Whether you’re navigating daily commutes or embarking on cross-country journeys, the POXURIO charger ensures that your vehicle spends less time plugged in and more time in motion.

Adjustable Amperage

Flexibility is a cornerstone of the POXURIO charger’s design, and nowhere is this more evident than in its adjustable amperage settings. Ranging from 8 to 32 Amp, this charger empowers you to customize the charging rate according to your electric vehicle’s specific requirements. This adaptability is vital for optimizing the charging process without overwhelming your vehicle’s battery capacity. For instance, when your EV’s battery is closer to full, you can lower the amperage to provide a gentler and more controlled charging experience, promoting the overall health of your battery over time. Conversely, when you’re in a hurry and need a quick power top-up, you can ramp up the amperage to expedite the charging process. This level of control ensures that your vehicle’s battery life is maximized and your charging needs are met with precision.

POXURIO Level 2 EV Charger Review

Weather-Resistant Design

The POXURIO charger isn’t just a fair-weather companion; it’s built to withstand a diverse range of climatic conditions. Its rugged IP65 waterproof rating ensures that it remains impervious to water and dust, safeguarding its performance even in the harshest environments. But weather resilience goes beyond waterproofing. This charger is designed to function flawlessly within a temperature range spanning from -13°F to 122°F. This means that whether you’re enduring scorching summer days or facing freezing winter nights, the POXURIO charger remains undeterred, consistently delivering top-notch charging performance. This adaptability to various weather conditions ensures that you can rely on your charger to be functional and dependable, regardless of the elements.

Extensive Compatibility

One of the most significant advantages of the POXURIO Level 2 EV Charger is its broad compatibility with electric vehicles. Specifically designed to work harmoniously with EVs adhering to the SAE J1772 standards in North America, this charger opens its arms to a wide spectrum of models. From the sleek BMW i3 to the innovative Nissan LEAF, and even the luxurious Audi e-tron, the POXURIO charger accommodates them all. This comprehensive compatibility ensures that regardless of your electric vehicle’s make and model, you can confidently rely on the POXURIO charger to provide efficient and effective charging. This universality makes it an excellent choice for a multitude of EV owners who value a charger that doesn’t discriminate based on brand.

Final Verdict

The POXURIO Level 2 EV Charger is a powerhouse charging solution for electric vehicle enthusiasts. Its rapid charging speeds, adjustable amperage settings, and weather-resistant design make it a standout option. While lacking app connectivity and offering limited color options, its compatibility and reliability overshadow these minor drawbacks. This charger caters to a wide audience, from daily commuters to long-distance travelers, and its user-friendly features ensure a hassle-free experience. For those seeking faster charging and adaptability, the POXURIO Level 2 EV Charger is a worthy investment that will keep your EV ready for the road.

With a focus on performance, weather resilience, and broad compatibility, the POXURIO Level 2 EV Charger proves to be an essential tool in the electric vehicle revolution.


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