Outerman Car Battery Charger Review

Outerman Car Battery Charger Review


In the world of vehicle maintenance, a reliable battery charger is a must-have tool. The Outerman Car Battery Charger, with its sleek design and vibrant yellow color, caught our attention. This review aims to delve into its features, performance, and overall value.

Pros Cons
Wide Range of Applications Manual Mode Requires User Intervention
Fast Charging Capability No Built-in Cable Storage
Intelligent LCD Display Limited Information on Warranty Terms
Pulse Repair Function Bulkier Than Some Competitors

Outerman Car Battery Charger Review

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Who Is This Product For?

The Outerman Car Battery Charger is ideal for a diverse range of users. Whether you’re a car enthusiast, motorcycle rider, boat owner, or simply in charge of maintaining various battery-operated devices, this charger has you covered. Its compatibility with different battery types, from lead-acid to lithium, makes it a versatile solution for automotive, marine, RV, Powersport, lawn and garden equipment, and more.

The Features of Outerman Car Battery Charger

1. Wide Range Use 

The Outerman Car Battery Charger stands out with its ability to diagnose and repair various battery problems, extending the life of your battery. It is suitable for flooded or sealed maintenance-free batteries, making it a versatile choice for different vehicles and equipment. The pulse repair function is a valuable feature, helping to revive a weak or partially damaged battery.

2. Fast Charging 

Designed for both 12V and 24V batteries, this charger offers fast and efficient charging. With an input voltage range of 100-240V AC, it can adapt to different voltage environments, ensuring a quick charge for your battery. The charger is compatible with lead-acid, flooded (WET), GEL, Calcium type deep cycle, VRLA, polymer lithium, maintenance-free, and AGM batteries with capacities ranging from 6-105Ah.

Outerman Car Battery Charger Review

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3. Auto Mode and Manual Mode 

The Outerman Car Battery Charger provides flexibility with its auto and manual modes. In auto mode, the charger intelligently powers off when the battery is fully charged, preventing overcharging and potential damage. On the other hand, manual mode allows users to continue charging even after the battery is fully charged, providing control and flexibility. It’s a safety feature that ensures your battery is always ready for action.

4. Intelligent LCD Digital Display 

The built-in intelligent LCD digital display adds a level of convenience to the charging process. Displaying current and voltage information, this feature makes it easy to monitor and operate the charging process without manual adjustments. In automatic mode, the charger takes care of the entire charging and maintenance process, simplifying the user experience. For those who prefer manual control, the option is available to fine-tune the charging mode.

Outerman Warranty Service

The Outerman Car Battery Charger comes with a one-year warranty, showcasing the brand’s confidence in its product. While the warranty period is specified, the details about coverage and conditions are not extensively provided. For comprehensive information, reaching out to Outerman’s customer service via email is recommended. The package includes one battery charger.

Final Verdict

The Outerman Car Battery Charger is a solid contender in the realm of battery maintenance tools. Its wide range of applications, fast-charging capabilities, intelligent LCD display, and pulse repair function make it a valuable asset for users with diverse needs. The inclusion of auto and manual modes adds a layer of user control, enhancing the overall user experience.

While the charger does have some downsides, such as the bulkier design and the lack of built-in cable storage, these are relatively minor compared to the overall functionality and performance. The limited information on warranty terms raises a slight concern, but Outerman’s one-year warranty provides a level of assurance.

In conclusion, if you are in search of a reliable, versatile, and user-friendly battery charger that can handle various battery types and applications, the Outerman Car Battery Charger is worth considering. Its blend of features and performance makes it a practical choice for both enthusiasts and professionals alike. Ensure to clarify warranty details with the manufacturer to make an informed decision and keep your vehicles and devices powered up with confidence.

Outerman Car Battery Charger 12V 24V Lithium Battery Charger, Auto Battery Charger Maintainer for Car Boat Motorcycle Lawn Mower Lead Acid Battery or Lithium Battery Capacity: 6AH~105AH
  • 【WIDE RANGE USE】:🔋 Diagnose and repair various battery problems, including flooded or sealed maintenance free batteries. Pulse repair function can help to repair your loss battery and extend battery life. Suitable for all kinds of vehicles, lithium battery or lead-acid battery: automotive, motorcycle, marine, RV, Powersport, lawn&garden, children toys, etc. (Note:When diagnosing the battery voltage, the charger does not need to connect the power supply but only connects the battery to detect)
  • 【FAST CHARGING】:🔋 The charger is designed for 12V/24V batteries. Input voltage: 100-240V AC, Battery range:12V/10AMH(max); 24V/7.5AMH(max). Automatically adjust the charging current, easy to deal with a variety of harsh voltage environments, quickly charge the battery. Suitable for charging any lead acid, Flooded(WET), GEL, Calcium type deep cycle, VRLA,12.4-12.8V polymer lithium battery,maintenance-free and AGM batteries of capacities up to 6-105Ah (Amp-hours).
  • [[Auto mode and manual mode]: 🔋Avoid any dangerous situations. In the case of automatic mode, our battery charger will automatically power off when your battery is fully charged. In manual mode, our battery charger will always charge your battery regardless of whether your battery is fully charged. Manual mode is fully charged. You need to turn it off by yourself. The advantage of manual mode is that you can continue to charge when the battery is fully charged to activate your battery.
  • 【INTELLIGENT LCD DIGITAL DISPLAY】:🔋 The automatic smart charger can display/current/voltage easy to operate, intelligent charging, without manual adjustment, making it easier to charge your battery. Automatic mode of battery charger: fully intelligent charging and maintenance of battery, no extra operation required. Manual mode: adjust the charging mode, for example, you can continue charging after the automatic mode is charged.
  • 【Outerman WARRANTY SERVICE】:🔋 The battery charger has a one-year warranty. We have enough confidence in our battery charger, if you have any questions, please contact us by email. We will reply to you as soon as possible and give you a satisfactory solution. Package includes: 1 battery charger.

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