JuiceBox Pro 40 Smart Electric Vehicle EV Charging Station Review

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In today’s piece, JuiceBox Pro 40 Smart electric vehicle EV charging station review is offered to the user with its four main features that can highlight its advantages as a privilege as the battery stations, which are like feeding for EV models, which are increasing in popularity day by day and on which many innovative ideas are built, and plans are made, may become indispensable at some point.

With its current cost, daily charging and purchasing EVs can be costly compared to conventional vehicles. For this reason, we can witness the increase of many station models and brands in the market.

Pros Cons
Up to 7x Faster Charging The Mobile App Requires an Improvement
The Weatherproof Casing Sometimes Problematic WiFi Connection
Supports Smart Grid Savings Disconnected WiFi Causes Lost Statistics & Information about the Vehicle’s Charging Status
Convenient WiFi Connectivity Needs An Owners’ Manual

Why & Who Should Choose JuiceBox Pro 40 Smart Electric Vehicle EV Charging Station?

JuiceBox Pro 40 EV Station is a Level 2 type station, and among its main privileges, it provides battery charging of the vehicle up to 7 times faster than many stations and in a much healthier and more reliable way than in public areas. Juicebox Pro 40 smart electric vehicle EV charging station can be remotely controlled with smart devices and WiFi support.

As it provides practicality in daily life, it offers you the opportunity to save the cost of charging with smart grid-saving support. Moreover, Juicebox Pro 40 smart electric vehicle EV charging station has the priority of eliminating many of its competitors in terms of service life, as it is produced with very solid hardware. Besides, since it supports many EV models, it has not narrowed its user base.

Features of JuiceBox Pro 40 Smart Electric Vehicle EV Charging Station

Convenient & Easy Use

As a Level 2 EV station that you can easily install in your home or workplace, the Juicebox Pro 40 smart electric vehicle EV charging station offers its users an option with a value between 32A and 48A. With this electric vehicle charging station, which I bought as a 40A, I have very comfortable and practical experience using it. 

First of all, I would like to mention that the product supports WiFi connection. As long as there is a WiFi connection through the application called JuiceNet, I can remotely monitor the charging status of my vehicle and track how much it is charged. Likewise, being able to set alarms and reminders for charging time via the application is a very useful feature for me. 

Moreover, the fact that the product is supported by smart devices such as Amazon Echo and Alexa can be a great privilege in terms of easily providing device control with remote access. I think Juicebox Pro 40 smart electric vehicle EV charging station performs quite well in this regard.

But it will be much healthier for the product if the brand only improves the reception power of the WiFi connection. That is, Juicebox Pro 40 smart electric vehicle EV charging station loses its WiFi signal after a while, and after this loss, the inconsistency in charge values and rates can become somewhat frustrating. That’s why I’m lowering my rating for this.

Quality of Material

It is possible to realize that Juicebox Pro 40 smart electric vehicle EV charging station is very well equipped in terms of durability, even from the beginning of using it. As an ENERGY STAR-certified product, as well as having a good charging case, I have full confidence in its durability.

The fact that the JuiceBox is equipped with a security lock is a plus, and I think it is a one-to-one security measure for users who have the garage outside or want to install it in their workplaces and indoors. It is quite reliable and privileged in this regard.

In addition, the fact that this electric vehicle charging station comes with a 25-foot built-in cable rack shows its generosity in packaging and shipping, while the cable’s resistance to all kinds of weather conditions, such as wind, rain, or cold weather, also adds to its durability and sturdiness. Moreover, it has also offered its users the opportunity to benefit from a 3-year warranty service for residential use.

In short, the JuiceBox is an extremely robust and long-lasting EV station with a good service life and extreme reliability.

Performance & Functional Quality

As the main issue, the experiences I got from this electric vehicle charging station in the performance stage were quite high potential and satisfying. The aforementioned convenient use and durability of the JuiceBox are reflected in its performance, resulting in an excellent station.

As a Level 2 station, it can charge up to 7 times faster than normal household sockets, and it is a product that avoids damaging the vehicle by providing the charging process in an extremely clean and safe manner. On the other hand, remote control systems and WiFi support not only make the product practical but also take it to higher levels in terms of performance and functionality.

Similarly, being able to plan the car charging time with the feature of being supported by these smart devices can also reveal the functionality of the product in terms of smart grid savings.

As another point, I am quite satisfied that the JuiceBox, produced with the universal J1772 charging standard, has the power to appeal to a wide range of vehicles up to Tesla models, accompanied by Tesla-provided adapters. 

Namely, with the increase in popularity, the increase in the use of EVs creates the need for stations that support all kinds of vehicles. For this reason, JuiceBox’s sensitivity in this matter is also reflected in its performance and deserves full points.

Value for Money & Affordable

When it comes to charging EVs and these types of vehicles, we, users can incur a lot of costs. Moreover, we cannot get efficiency from a home-type station, namely Level 1, and we can complain quite a lot in terms of time. For this reason, the affordable price of a station and the fact that this price is subject to a one-time payment is a factor that saves many points.

To be more specific, although it is possible to find Level 2 stations in many public areas and to use these stations for free at certain points, having your station at home or workplace becomes a very important issue in terms of both vehicle performance and health. 

As a result, it can be difficult to find a product that is affordable but worth using. The craftsmanship, performance, and long-term usage features revealed by Juicebox Pro 40 smart electric vehicle EV charging station in this regard make it a completely value-for-money product, as well as offering you a more affordable price than the external charging prices in terms of cost.

Final Verdict

As a final verdict, when all its features are evaluated, Juicebox Pro 40 smart electric vehicle EV charging station is above average and will shine. It is highly reliable and capable of being the biggest supporter of batteries by supporting all EV models.

Moreover, EVs have become the focus of innovative ideas, work with the support of smart devices and applications by making use of innovative ideas, and make daily life very practical.

Certainly, the very minor roughnesses it will develop will not block its way, and it deserves to come to very good points in the sales lists.

JuiceBox 40 Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station with WiFi - 40 amp Level 2 EVSE, 25-Foot Cable, UL & Energy Star Certified, Indoor/Outdoor Use (NEMA 14-50 Plug, Gray)…
  • Up to 7x faster charge: High-power, 40 amperes, 9.6kW EV charging station. Indoor / outdoor installation. Built-in cable rack and security lock. UL listed. ENERGY STAR-certified. 3-year limited warranty for normal residential use.
  • Convenient WiFi connectivity: With the free JuiceNet app, control and monitor charging remotely, get notified when your car is fully charged, set reminders to charge, and more. Dynamic LED lights show charging status. Voice control via Amazon Echo / Alexa.
  • Smart grid savings: Schedule your charging times when rates are lower — making your electric vehicle even cheaper to drive.
  • Plug-in installation: Just install a simple NEMA 14-50R outlet and you're ready to plug in your JuiceBox. Compatible with some dryer outlets via available adapters.
  • Rebates: Qualifies for local incentives in many utility service areas.

Top Amazon Customer Comments

Dj Padzensky – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Setup was easy enough, though it wasn’t entirely clear which apps I needed to download in order to use the thing. Once I was up and running (with the proper app), I really had no complaints, short of the fact that anytime I needed to override the smart charging/TOU settings, I had to use the app. It’d be nice if there was a “charge now” button on the front of the charger.

Lenna – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: This charger provides more charge than I really need, but it works great with my car. I did need an electrician to come to-my house and upgrade the plug in in my garage. The electrical stuff was less than $1000. This was all totally worth it to me since the mini charger isn’t that great. It works but it will take about 12 hours. With the juice box I can get a full charge (from 16 percent to 100 percent) in about 5 hours. This plugs right in, no problem. The only thing I had an issue with is the long cord. I originally thought it was a great feature but it’s way to long for my needs, and during cold weather it gets crazy stiff. Hard to roll up out of the way. But that’s really nothing. 100 percent would get again

Lenna – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I originally ordered the plug in model, but when I talked to the electrician who installed it, he said the hard wired is better because with the plug in you need gifs and that can be end up causing problems. The charger works great (it is on the side of the house outdoors) and a vast improvement over plugging in the manufacturer supplied cable. Plus it charges vastly faster than the using the standard 120 watt outlet. i will say the wifi connection is a challenge — i need to turn off the electricity at the electric box in the basement at the other side of the house.. (or convince the hub to do it) while I try to be close to the box to set up the wifi. So far several attempts have failed. And it was very confusing because at one point it looked like the box recognized the wifi — but couldn’t go any further with the set up. Then I tried to set it up starting with a sign in — but that went nowhere. i am working up the intestinal fortitude to try to connect it again. I tried to follow the troubleshooting suggestions but found that confusing and of course there is no phone number. i am getting reimbursed from the utility and they require chargepoint or juicebox. The chargepoint was out of stock so I bought this. Someone said in a review that reinserting the handle into the juicebox was a bit dicey. As long as you understand that the handle insertion isn’t the same firm insertion as on the car, but a bit more sweet i think it works ok. It does have a lock to lock it to the wall — sadly — after the electrician had already locked it miss curiousity here turned the key a couple of times and now i have no idea whether it is locked or unlocked. I called two electricians — both sent an estimator but only one sent a proposal which was annoying. So we went with the one who sent a proposal. But the electrician was great, easy to work with and the installation took no time. They did have to use two slots in the main. But i am really excited to be on the electric car journey — I bought a hybrid/electric (which i love) .. so down the road I can do fully electric . According to the electrician this is a capital improvement so I didn’t need to pay sales tax — except I don’t know what this will do with my property taxes. On the other hand can’t say it hurts to do this because there is so much emphasis on going electric so future homeowners might be happy to already having this ready to go. Sadly a bad roof job prevents me from adding solar to the roof — am looking at community solar programs but it looks like I would need to use more electricity to make it worth while.

Butterfly – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I bought an open Juicebox 40 directly from Amazon. The unit arrived loose within an original JuiceBox box. Even though it was bothersome to see none of the typical paper or cushioning material in the box at least there was no damage to the unit. Come to find out the wall bracket was missing. I called the folks at Enet (manufacturer of the JB) to see and they offered to sell me a replacement wall mount for $40. So I called Amazon and they cross shipped an entirely new/open box JB unit. This time a wall bracket was included. For the record, this one did not include any packing material within the box either. Whatever.


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