How Long Does a JUUL Battery Last?

How Long Does a JUUL Battery Last?

First coming to marketplaces around 2007, from the 2010s to today, the e-cigarette, or vapes, market has grown by a great deal to the extent of replacing traditional tobacco types. Many people, including young adults, use it nearly every day. There are many different e-cigarette companies and many different devices from those companies. 

Today, we will take JUUL into our consideration, and we will take a look at some specs of JUUL’s e-cigarettes through “JUUL battery life”, “How long does a JUUL battery last?”, “How long does it take for a JUUL to charge?”. 

How Long Do Juul Batteries Last? For How Long Can One Use Juul Without Battery Decay?

JUUL e-cigarettes come with a lithium-ion battery, or in other words, a rechargeable battery. These batteries are used on every device you use daily, from your laptop to your cell phone to your game console’s controllers. 

They are generally easy and safe to use, which is why they are also used in JUUL e-cigarettes. But, of course, like everything else’s battery, JUUL’s battery is also depleted by time, usage, weather, and damage of any kind.

How long does a JUUL battery last?

How Long Does a JUUL Battery Last?

Typically, JUULs are designed to be used for almost a day, but it highly depends on how many hits (a term used to indicate consuming the vapor) the user takes. If someone is vaping non-stop (two or three hits in 140 or 150 seconds) and wants their JUUL to last for more than 12 hours, it is a far-fetched dream. But if you are someone who takes 20 or 25 hits in an hour or so, your JUUL should last between 10 to 12 hours. 

After answering the question of how long JUUL batteries last, now it is time to talk about the battery decay of JUUL. Of course, like every device that has a battery, JUULs also face a problem when it comes to the JUUL battery life. 

After two or three years of usage, lithium-ion batteries, the rechargeable batteries that every other device, including JUUL, uses, start to decay because of how they are built. Therefore, no battery lasts forever or more than three or four years at full capacity. 

For instance, let’s say that you used your JUUL 8 to 12 hours a day for 2 years. In the first two years, you may not have experienced any issues related to JUUL’s battery, however, after the third year, you would notice that your JUUL would only be able to last 7, maybe 9 hours maximum, when things that reduce JUUL battery life are such determining factors.

The best way, and recommended way, to resolve that issue is changing the JUUL device. Also; you can change the battery of the JUUL, however; it might be dangerous for you if you are inexperienced with battery changing, so it is not recommended. So, with that in mind, let’s try to answer JUUL’s battery-related questions.

How to Charge JUUL? How Long Does It Take to Charge JUUL Completely? A Faster Method to Charge?

How Long Does a JUUL Battery Last?

We know there are many questions to answer when it comes to charging. For example, let’s say you are new to JUUL products and just bought one. After receiving your package and opening it, you will see two items in the packing (if JUULpod is not included). 

One JUUL device and one USB charging dock for that device. As these devices are designed to be simplistic, they are not hard to understand how to use, however, we will still provide you with information about the usage of the USB charging dock and JUUL.

Firstly, connect your USB charging dock to any USB port. After connecting your charging dock, place your JUUL in the charging dock and make sure that JUUL’s solid end is in the charging dock. 

If done correctly, magnets in both ends will pull themselves together, and your JUUL device will snap to the charging dock. Leave your device for one hour, and you will be ready to take it out of the charging dock. When the tiny led on the device turns green, it means it is fully charged.

How long to charge a JUUL? As we have stated before, it usually takes one hour or so to charge the JUUL device on regular occasions. However, the charging rate is also dependent on the watts/volts of the charger.

For example, let’s say you plugged your device into one of the USB ports of your computer, it will probably take one hour to charge your JUUL completely, but if you try to plug your device into a more robust charger, like your old phone charger, your device might get charged in a shorter time.

How to Check JUUL’s Battery?

How Long Does a JUUL Battery Last?

As we have told earlier, JUULs are designed to be simplistic. But, of course, this simplicity comes with a price. There is no clear way to check the battery percentage of the JUUL, just like phones, however, there is still a way to check how much charge the JUUL’s battery has. 

If you remember, we have talked about a led which turns green whenever the device is fully charged. That indicates how much battery charge is left in the device. Green means the device has more than %50 battery, thus an answer of sorts to how long to charge a JUUL. 

As the battery depletes with usage and with time, that lead turns yellow (low battery) and, after that, red (very low battery). Although you can still use your device when the led lights up red, it might not last as long as you thought, so it is recommended to charge it immediately.


How Long Does a JUUL Battery Last?

JUUL e-cigarettes not only have a minimalistic design and are easy to use but also, they are devices that can be used all day long if used properly. Although many people on many sites complain about JUUL battery life, many people are also making positive comments about JUUL’s battery. As usual, trying it for yourself is the best way to test a product, so if you are willing to give it a shot, we advise you to give it a go and try it yourself.

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