Flngr 36 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger Review

Flngr 36 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger Review


Golf carts have become an essential part of the golfing experience, offering convenience and ease of mobility across courses. However, a reliable charger is paramount to keep these carts running smoothly. Enter the Flngr 36 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger, a cutting-edge solution designed to streamline your charging process. Let’s delve into its features, benefits, and who would benefit most from this innovative device.

Pros Cons
Fast charging capability Compatibility limited to specific EZGO models
Enhanced safety features Relatively lightweight design
Exceptional after-sales service Trickle mode activation could be more intuitive
Battery protection assurance Fuse replacement might be required occasionally

Flngr 36 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger Review

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Who Is This Product For?

The Flngr 36 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger is tailored for golf enthusiasts, course managers, and anyone reliant on golf carts for transportation. It’s ideal for those seeking a reliable, fast, and safe charging solution for their EZGO carts. Whether you’re a frequent golfer, course operator, or simply someone who values efficiency, this charger is crafted with your needs in mind.

The Features of Flngr 36 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger

Fast Charge Capability

The Flngr charger boasts an impressive 12A output, making it 2.5 times faster than conventional 5A chargers. Spend less time waiting and more time enjoying your golfing adventures with this rapid charging technology.

Enhanced Safety Features

Safety is paramount, especially when dealing with electrical devices. This charger incorporates built-in four-stage charging technology, ensuring optimal battery health while minimizing the risk of overcharging or electrical mishaps.

Exceptional After-Sales Service

Flngr stands behind its products with confidence. Enjoy a worry-free purchase with a 90-day free return policy and a generous 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. Experience peace of mind knowing that dedicated customer support is just a message away.

Flngr 36 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger Review

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Battery Protection Assurance

Your battery’s longevity is safeguarded with intelligent charging power adjustment. The charger dynamically adjusts its output based on the battery’s level, preventing damage and prolonging its lifespan. Additionally, an automatic fuse disconnect feature halts charging in case of abnormalities, further protecting your investment.

Compatibility with EZGO Models

Designed specifically for EZGO carts, this charger is compatible with various models, including TXT, TXTE, and Freedom TXT, among others. It replaces several EZGO charger models, ensuring a seamless transition to this advanced charging solution.

24-Hour Customer Service

Need assistance? Flngr’s technical support team is at your service round-the-clock. Whether you have inquiries, require troubleshooting, or seek after-sales support, help is just a message away. Enjoy prompt and reliable assistance whenever you need it.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Flngr 36 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger stands out as a reliable, efficient, and safe charging solution for EZGO golf carts. Its fast charging capability, enhanced safety features, and exceptional after-sales service make it a standout choice for golf enthusiasts and course managers alike. While compatibility may be limited to specific EZGO models, the charger’s performance and reliability more than compensate for any minor drawbacks. Invest in the Flngr charger today and elevate your golfing experience to new heights of convenience and efficiency.

Flngr 36 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger for EZGO TXT (Lead-Acid),12Amp Smart Battery Charger with Trickle Charge,D Plug 36 Volt Golf Cart Charger,12Amp Golf Cart Battery Charger
  • 【FAST CHARGE】Flngr 36 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger speed of the 12A golf cart charger is 2.5 times that of the 5A charger. You can spend less time charging your cart. Flngr Smart Charger has built-in four-stage charging technology to ensure 100% battery life.
  • 【SAFE CHARGE】: When charging is complete, the green light is on. At this point, the 36v battery charger stops charging and enters trickle mode. In this mode, when the battery level is below 80%, the charger will automatically turn on to charge the battery.
  • 【Best After Sales Service】: FLNGR is committed to producing high-quality professional golf cart chargers. For your safe purchase, we provide you with 90-day free return and 1-year manufacturer's free warranty service for defects.
  • 【Battery Protection】: The charger for golf cart will adjust the charging power according to the battery level to protect your battery. When charging is abnormal, the fuse of the ezgo charger will automatically disconnect to stop charging. Just replace the fuse to keep the charger working.
  • Compatibility EZGO Models:TXT,TXTE,TXT PDS,Freedom TXT,Shuttle. Replaces EZGO Charger:19300-88,1930088,28115-G04,20484,5-002AP,CP602718,25970-A88,28080,28115G04,602718,28115G01,14390,915-3610,9153610,605747,811119,25900

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