EVCUBNB EV Charger Level 2 Review

EVCUBNB EV Charger Level 2 Review


As the electric vehicle (EV) revolution accelerates, the need for efficient and reliable charging solutions becomes paramount. The EVCUBNB EV Charger Level 2, manufactured by EVCUBNB, stands as a contender in the market, promising fast and safe charging for your electric or hybrid vehicle. In this comprehensive review, we’ll dive deep into its features, pros, and cons to help you make an informed decision.

Pros Cons
1. Advanced Safety Features 1. Requires Adapter for TESLA
2. Fast Charging 2. No Compatibility with Phones
3. Sleek and Compact Design 3. Wall Mounting Required
4. Cost Savings and Warranty 4. No Mobile App Integration

EVCUBNB EV Charger Level 2 Review

Who Is This Product For?

The EVCUBNB EV Charger Level 2 is designed for electric vehicle owners who prioritize safety, efficiency, and aesthetics in their charging solutions. It caters to individuals seeking the following:

Fast Charging: If you’re looking for a charging station that can provide up to 50 amperes and 12KW charging power, ensuring quick turnaround times.
Safety First: For those who value safety, the 12 advanced safety features, UL-listed components, and weatherproof design make this charger a reliable choice.
Aesthetic Appeal: If you want a charger that seamlessly integrates into your garage or outdoor space with its sleek and compact design, available in Pearl White and Ocean Blue.
Cost-Efficiency: Those who wish to save on electricity costs by scheduling charging during off-peak hours, thanks to compatibility with onboard reservation systems.
Compatibility: The charger is suitable for a wide range of EV and hybrid plug-in vehicles, excluding TESLA (adapter required).

The Features of EVCUBNB EV Charger Level 2

When it comes to electric vehicle charging solutions, the devil is in the details. The EVCUBNB EV Charger Level 2 doesn’t disappoint in this regard. This section explores its standout features in greater detail, shedding light on why this charging station deserves a closer look.

Advanced Safety Features (UL Listed and More)

Safety should be your top priority when it comes to charging your electric vehicle, and the EVCUBNB EV Charger Level 2 takes this responsibility seriously. It goes above and beyond with a comprehensive suite of 12 advanced safety features, providing peace of mind to users, whether they’re charging indoors or outdoors.

Among these safety features, overcurrent protection ensures that your vehicle is never exposed to excessive current that could lead to damage. Overheating prevention is another crucial element, safeguarding against the risk of the charger overheating during operation. This feature alone significantly reduces the likelihood of accidents or damage to your vehicle.

What truly sets this charger apart is its robust insulation system. It’s not merely about protecting the charger itself but also about securing the entire charging process. This insulation minimizes the risk of electrical hazards, creating a safe environment for both you and your electric vehicle.

Furthermore, the charger’s components, including the cable, plug, and handle, are UL listed. This certification is a testament to their quality and adherence to safety standards. The use of pure copper conductors in these components not only ensures better conductivity but also reduces heat generation during charging. This not only extends the life of the charger but also adds an extra layer of safety.

Adding to its safety credentials is the charger’s NEMA 3R weatherproof rating. This means that it can withstand the challenges of various weather conditions, ensuring that your charging experience remains reliable even when the elements are less than favorable.

Fast and Convenient Charging (Plug and Charge Technology)

Efficiency and convenience are essential aspects of any charging solution, and the EVCUBNB EV Charger Level 2 excels in these areas. Its ability to deliver up to 50 amperes and 12KW charging power ensures that your electric vehicle gets the power it needs swiftly, allowing you to get back on the road quickly.

What truly sets this charger apart is its “Plug and Charge” technology. This innovation simplifies the charging process to the point where it becomes virtually hassle-free. No more frustrating encounters with Wi-Fi issues, poor network connectivity, or the anxiety of a low phone battery. Forget about charging app malfunctions during electric vehicle charging. With this charger, you can simply plug in and charge, eliminating delays and inconveniences from the equation.

This technology streamlines the user experience, making it more accessible and user-friendly. Whether you’re a seasoned electric vehicle owner or new to the world of EVs, you’ll appreciate the ease and speed with which you can charge your vehicle.

In a world where time is of the essence, the EVCUBNB EV Charger Level 2’s fast and convenient charging capabilities are a testament to its commitment to delivering a superior charging experience.

EVCUBNB EV Charger Level 2 Review

Sleek and Space-Saving Design

Beyond the functional aspects, aesthetics play a crucial role in the overall satisfaction of electric vehicle owners. The EVCUBNB EV Charger Level 2 understands this well, and it brings an extra layer of sophistication to your charging experience.

This charger boasts an exquisitely sleek and compact design, measuring only 11.8” x 6.3” x 3.9”. It’s more than just a box on your wall; it’s a carefully designed piece of technology that adds to the visual appeal of your garage or outdoor space.

The pearlescent paint surface is a sight to behold. It doesn’t just protect the charger; it also reflects a shimmering luster, adding a touch of elegance to your surroundings. Whether you’re charging your electric vehicle in the garage or outdoors, this charger seamlessly blends into the environment, making it a visual complement to your beloved electric vehicle.

The attention to detail in the design of the EVCUBNB EV Charger Level 2 showcases a commitment to not only functionality but also the overall aesthetics of your charging setup. It’s a charger that enhances the look of your space while performing its core duty with excellence.

Cost Savings and Warranty

In an era where cost-efficiency is a paramount concern, the EVCUBNB EV Charger Level 2 offers substantial benefits that go beyond its initial price tag.

First and foremost, the installation process is straightforward and user-friendly. You don’t need to be an expert to set up this charger in your garage or outdoor space. Its user-friendliness makes it accessible to a wide range of users, regardless of their technical expertise.

EVCUBNB backs its product with a reassuring 3-year warranty. This warranty period provides peace of mind, ensuring that you’re covered in case of any unexpected issues. The charger’s robust build and adherence to safety standards further solidify the trustworthiness of this warranty.

Perhaps the most significant cost-saving feature of the EVCUBNB EV Charger Level 2 is its compatibility with your vehicle’s onboard reservation system. This functionality allows you to schedule your charging sessions during the cheapest electricity rates. By taking advantage of off-peak hours, you can significantly reduce your charging expenses over time. This cost-efficiency aligns with the growing emphasis on sustainable and economical electric vehicle ownership.

Final Verdict

The EVCUBNB EV Charger Level 2 brings a compelling package to the table for electric vehicle owners. Its advanced safety features, fast charging capabilities, sleek design, and cost-saving potential make it a noteworthy choice. However, it’s essential to consider the limitations, such as the need for a TESLA adapter and the absence of mobile app integration. Nevertheless, if you prioritize safety, speed, and aesthetics in your charging station, this product is undoubtedly worth considering. It offers the convenience of “Plug and Charge” technology, blends seamlessly into your space, and ensures your vehicle charges safely and efficiently. EVCUBNB has delivered a promising charging solution that aligns with the needs of today’s electric vehicle enthusiasts.


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