EF ECOFLOW Solar Generator 120V/3.6kWh DELTA Pro Review

EF ECOFLOW Solar Generator 120V/3.6kWh DELTA Pro Review


In the realm of portable power stations, the EF ECOFLOW Solar Generator 120V/3.6kWh DELTA Pro stands out as a powerhouse. With its impressive capacity, efficiency, and versatility, it offers a reliable solution for various power needs, whether it’s for outdoor adventures, emergency backup at home, or powering essential devices on the go. In this review, we’ll delve into its features, advantages, drawbacks, and suitability for different users.

Pros Cons
Ultra-powerful 3600Wh capacity Relatively heavy at 99 pounds
Astonishing 22.4% solar panel efficiency Separate shipping for power station and solar panel
15 versatile outlets and ports Requires additional solar panels for optimal charging
Smart app control for remote monitoring High initial investment

EF ECOFLOW Solar Generator 120V/3.6kWh DELTA Pro Review

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Who Is This Product For?

The EF ECOFLOW Solar Generator 120V/3.6kWh DELTA Pro is ideal for individuals or families seeking a reliable power source for various applications. It caters to outdoor enthusiasts, providing a portable solution for camping, RV trips, and outdoor events. Additionally, homeowners can benefit from its backup power capabilities during emergencies or as a sustainable energy source for daily use. Moreover, professionals working in remote locations or on-the-go can rely on its versatility to power their tools and devices.

The Features of EF ECOFLOW Solar Generator 120V/3.6kWh DELTA Pro

1. Ultra-Powerful Capacity

The DELTA Pro boasts an impressive 3600Wh battery capacity, coupled with a 3600W AC output, making it a robust home backup power station. With X-Boost technology, it can even power high-demand appliances up to 4500W, providing ample energy for various household devices during outages or off-grid scenarios.

2. Astonishing Efficiency

When paired with the accompanying 400W portable solar panel, this system achieves remarkable efficiency regardless of weather conditions. Its conversion rate of 22.4% ensures optimal power generation, allowing users to harness solar energy effectively. With four 400W panels, the DELTA Pro recharges fully in just 2.8 hours, offering a rapid and sustainable charging solution.

3. Light and Durable Design

The 400W Solar Panel is designed for portability and durability. Weighing only 16kg (35.3lbs) and featuring a foldable design with an adjustable carry case, it’s easy to transport and set up wherever you go. Constructed from flexible EVA and robust fiberglass layers, it boasts an IP68 Waterproof rating, ensuring resilience against dust and water exposure.

EF ECOFLOW Solar Generator 120V/3.6kWh DELTA Pro Review

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4. Versatile Outputs

Equipped with 15 outlets and ports, the DELTA Pro offers versatility in powering various devices. From AC outlets for household appliances to USB-A/C ports for electronics and DC ports for specialized equipment, users can charge multiple devices simultaneously. The inclusion of a car power output and an Anderson port further enhances its utility for diverse applications.

5. Smart App Control

The Ecoflow app enables convenient monitoring and control of the portable power station via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. Users can track the status of connected devices, monitor battery levels, temperature, and charging/discharging times. Moreover, the app allows for customization of settings, empowering users to optimize energy usage based on their needs and preferences.

6. Efficient Charging Options

With rapid charging capabilities, the DELTA Pro offers flexibility in replenishing its power reserves. It can be fully charged in 1.8 hours using 240V outlets (3000W) or in 2.7 hours with 1800W wall outlets, ensuring minimal downtime between uses. Additionally, the compatibility with multiple solar panels allows users to harness solar energy efficiently for sustainable charging solutions.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the EF ECOFLOW Solar Generator 120V/3.6kWh DELTA Pro emerges as a versatile and reliable power solution for various users. Its robust capacity, efficient solar charging capabilities, and smart features make it a valuable asset for outdoor enthusiasts, homeowners, and professionals alike. While it may require a significant initial investment and additional accessories for optimal performance, its performance and versatility justify the expense for those in need of a dependable power source, especially in off-grid or emergency situations. Whether you’re camping in the wilderness or preparing for unexpected power outages, the DELTA Pro offers peace of mind and reliable energy whenever and wherever you need it.

EF ECOFLOW Solar Generator 120V/3.6kWh DELTA Pro with 4x400W Portable Solar Panel, 23% High-Efficiency, 5 AC Outlets, 3600W Portable Power Station for Home Use Emergency Blackout Camping RV
  • 【Ultra-Powerful Capacity】DELTA Pro has a large 3600Wh battery capacity with 3600W AC output and total 15 outlets, which made it a strong home backup power station. With X-Boost technology, it can power domestic appliances up to 4500W. Full charged in 1.8 hrs with 240V outlets(3000W), 2.7 hrs with 1800W wall outlets. Note: the power station and the solar panel(s) will be shipped in separate packages.
  • 【Astonishing Efficiency】When paired with DELTA Pro, the 400W portable solar panel achieves optimal efficiency no matter when it rains or shines. Where solar panels are concerned, its conversion rate of 22.4% is astonishing. With 4x400W panel, the large power bank gets a full recharge in 2.8 hours.
  • 【Light and Durable】The 400W Solar Panel is foldable and comes with an adjustable carry case. Weighing in at only 16kg (35.3lbs), it can be easily packed up and carried with you, no matter where you go. Made from layers of flexible EVA and tough fibreglass, it also comes with a IP68 Waterproof rating, meaning it is dust and water tight.
  • 【15 Versatile Outputs】The power station includes 15 outlets and ports: 5 AC outlets, 4 USB-A ports, 2 USB-C ports, 2 DC ports, 1 car power output and 1 Anderson port. Power all your devices such as cell phone, tablet, camera, radio, projector, night light, mini fan and so on.
  • 【Smart App Control】Use the Ecoflow app via wi-fi or bluetooth. Monitor the status of all your devices and power sources that are charging your portable power station. Check on charge level, temperature and charge/discharge times. Control from afar and customize all settings, such as battery life, input/output, and more. Break down your energy habits or customize your energy usage to fit your needs.

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