Do Batteries Set Off Metal Detectors?

Do Batteries Set Off Metal Detectors

The “vape,” also known as electronic cigarettes, is becoming more popular. It is especially preferred by people trying to quit smoking. It should not be considered a healthy product, but it’s more harmless than smoking. Still, it would be better if you use it to quit smoking and then stop using it. So you can live a much healthier life.

One of the major concerns for vapers is whether or not their batteries will set off metal detectors. Especially in places with tight security control, people don’t want to get in trouble and wonder if it can be detected by metal detectors. In this article, we will explore the question of “do batteries set off metal detectors?” and provide you with information on how to avoid any potential issues.

Do Stiiizy Batteries Set off Metal Detectors?

Although it is a frequently used product for many people, you may not be able to take it everywhere. It is forbidden to use in some areas and conditions. Especially in places with tight security control, people don’t want to get in trouble and wonder if it can be detected by metal detectors. Let’s look at the answer to this together, specifically in regards to “Do Stiiizys set off metal detectors?”

Unlike most other vapes, the Stiiizy batteries are made of aluminum alloy. This makes them more durable, but it does not prevent the detection from a metal detector. In general, aluminum is detected in a metal detector. So like every other vape battery, it will also be set off the detector, giving you away if you’re trying to sneak it in. The aluminum battery is the main part to set off the metal detector.

Normally, metal also can be found in the coil, but the Stiiizy batteries stated that its coil is ceramic. For this reason, there will be no problem with the coil. Likewise, the cartridge structure is also important. It can be plastic, ceramic, or metal. And the metal one will definitely set off the metal detector. 

As a result, we can say that aluminum alloy batteries have a safer structure than lithium batteries. However, prohibitions and rules apply to them as well preventing a definitive yes to “Do Stiiizys set off metal detectors?” In general, it is better not to sneak vapes with any type of batteries into prohibited places. Just listen to the authorities and follow the rules, especially in places with serious security measures with penal practices.

Do Lithium Batteries Set off Metal Detectors?

Do Batteries Set Off Metal Detectors?

There are two types of lithium batteries: lithium-ion and lithium metal. Generally, vape batteries are lithium-ion. These are made of aluminum. For this reason, lithium batteries can set off metal detectors. Lithium batteries are not only present in vapes but also electronic devices such as phones and tablets. However, lithium batteries can be dangerous at some point.

Lithium batteries can explode. Of course, it’s not something that often happens, but it is still possible and needs attention. You probably know that it is forbidden to vaping on a plane. However, they are also requested not to charge electronic devices during flight to prevent the possibility of an explosion because batteries can explode if they get too hot while charging.

An explosion in daily life can damage you, but after all, it is more dangerous if it happens in a limited area and in the air. Of course, there is a reason why batteries explode. They can explode when they get damaged or get old. Lithium batteries should not be used without a protective cover. If you see any damage to the protective cover, it should be repaired as soon as possible.

As a result, lithium batteries can set off metal detectors. However, it is not forbidden to carry it with you in most cases. But it is forbidden to keep it in checked luggage. It needs to be in the carry-on luggage so that if there is a problem, it can be noticed and intervened immediately. So no one gets hurt.

The smartest solution is carrying it in the carry-on luggage without trying to hide it or making any other suspicious behavior. If it is noticed in the checked luggage, there may be a problem. But if you follow the rules, it won’t be a problem even if these set off the metal detector.

Do Vape Batteries Set off Metal Detectors?

As we mentioned, there are different types of vape batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are commonly used in vapes. Aluminum alloy can also be used in some cases. However, all these batteries contain aluminum and set off the metal detector. Not just the batteries but some other parts of the vape can also set off the detector, such as coils and cartridges. 

All vapes have coils inside. The metal detector will set off if these coils are made of metal. Some are also made of non-metal materials, such as ceramic. You should check what kind of coils your vape contains before purchasing. A metal vape cartridge can also cause you trouble. You should buy plastic or ceramic cartridge if you do not want it to set off the metal detector. 

Some people say their vape did not set off the metal detector. But we suggest you do not risk it by thinking naively “Do vapes set off metal detectors”? Due to the nature of their batteries, there is always the possibility of vapes setting off metal detectors. Private businesses don’t have much of a problem. They just want you to leave the vape out. However, in more formal places, there may be bigger problems, such as penalties. 


It is forbidden to take a vape to some places, especially for those who cannot leave vaping during the smoking cessation period. Many people wonder if they can hide it and carry it with them, and whether the batteries of vapes like Stiiizys set off metal detectors. The answer is yes, as batteries, which are usually made of aluminum, can set off metal detectors. Therefore, we don’t recommend trying to sneak it in.

Besides the battery, other parts of the vape, such as coils and cartridges, can also set off metal detectors. Although some people may claim that it will not be a problem, it is best not to take the risk. It can get you into bigger problems than you think. We hope our article was helpful to you in understanding the potential issues surrounding carrying a vape and whether or not it will set off metal detectors. Stay out of trouble!


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