Can You Get a Refund on a Car Battery?

Can You Get a Refund on a Car Battery

You opened your car door, inserted the key, and turned the ignition. After that, a current of energy comes, and your vehicle starts to work. From the light inside the car to the heater, the thing that makes your vehicle move is the battery. While the life of the batteries is 4-5 years in passenger cars, it is 2-4 years in commercial vehicles.

That’s why you need to buy batteries at certain intervals. Of course, you may have a problem with the product you received. That’s why we will find the answer to the question: can you get a refund on a car battery? While answering, we will go through some brands. If you’re ready, let’s start.

Can You Get a Refund on a Car Battery From Autozone?

The battery stores electrical energy as chemical energy, and it’s an energy storage system that returns chemical energy to electrical energy when needed. In other words, we can define the battery as the conversion of chemical energy, which reacts with the electrical circuit, into electrical energy. 

Today, with the development of technology, batteries have developed. Old batteries required traditional maintenance, and deformations occurred during charge-discharge changes. Now, AGM technology is used in batteries, and higher performance is achieved with start-stop processes.

After the information we gave about the battery, some questions come to the minds of battery users, such as, can you get a refund on a car battery? A situation that varies according to the condition of the battery and the institution. When your battery becomes old, certain brands could refund money to the users. Or you can sell your old battery on an online shopping site. So how does this work in the AutoZone brand?

First, let’s take a look at the AutoZone brand which has been in the industry for over 43 years. It brings together the parts needed in the automotive after-sales sector with the highest quality at affordable prices. A brand that prioritizes customer satisfaction.

The brand’s vision and long-term experiences in the sector make it one of the first brands that come to mind when the case is after-sales parts. That’s why AutoZone comes to mind when it comes to batteries. The corporate brand has a corporate structure in terms of a product purchase, sale, and return.

Returning a product to the AutoZone store and requesting a refund, if you have a product’s receipt, you can return the product within 90 days from the date of purchase, Refund requests may be denied if the item has been used or installed.

Can I Return a Battery to Any Autozone?

Can You Get a Refund on a Car Battery, autozone

We mentioned that the AutoZone brand is one of the brands that come to mind when the case battery is. This 43-year-old brand has conditions for return. There are some brands from s which you can get your money back. We recommend that you consider these situations and make your return. If you have other problems, to find a solution communicating with the customer service of AutoZone brand would provide correct information.

One of the questions in the minds of people who buy batteries from AutoZone is whether they can return the battery from any AutoZone store. Let’s discover the answer to this question together. You bought a battery from Autozone and decided to return the battery for some reason. In this case, you can get a refund from the Autozone store closest to your location. Since the brand is a corporate brand, there is no rule about returns, such as returns should be done from a single location. It is not dependent on the stores in matters such as return and refund approval.

When you decide to return the product, Autozone reserves the right to request a valid government-issued photo ID for all returns to be made at the time of return. Autozone keeps the return process in the database owned by the company in line with the information received from your identity.

In addition, you must bring the IDs defined by AutoZone to make a return transaction from the brand. US or Canada Driver US driver’s license, US military ID, US laser visa valid. Along with these are Canadian State ID, Mexican Voter Registration Card, and Passport. In short, you can return the battery to any AutoZone store you want.

Will Autozone Take a Battery Back Without a Receipt?

While talking about AutoZone’s return conditions, we found answers to many of our questions. But in general, there is a similar problem that we all experience after the purchase process in our daily life. That problem is the plug issue.

With the development of technology, we no longer carry cash with us. We usually pay with credit cards when shopping. Due to this situation, we no longer have the habit of keeping receipts. Unfortunately, this habit is also reflected in the shopping we do without a credit card.

Some brands may be strict about receipts when it comes to product returns. That’s why we can’t return items. So how does the situation work for the AutoZone brand?

The AutoZone brand requires you to return the product within 90 days from the day of purchase. We wanted to reiterate this situation because most people forget the return day, so they keep the products they want to return. If you have thrown away or lost your battery’s receipt, there are different ways you can follow. If you bought the product with a credit card, you could submit a document from the card history via mobile banking. 

If you have lost the receipt of an AutoZone battery you bought without a credit card, you need to contact AutoZone Customer Representative to get the order information for the product you bought. For this reason, you can contact the customer representative at the phone number 800.288.6966 on the official site of AutoZone.

While the customer representative explains in detail what to do about the return, he also explains to the customers a method to replace their receipt. Since the AutoZone brand prioritizes customer satisfaction, it helps you with the receipt required for battery return. Don’t be afraid, if you don’t have a receipt, there is an AutoZone customer representative.

Can You Take a Car Battery Back to Walmart?

Can You Get a Refund on a Car Battery, walmart

We examined in detail the situations you will encounter when you want to return a battery from the AutoZone brand. Now let’s get to know Walmart, another brand where you can buy a battery, and “Can you take a car battery back to Walmart?” Let’s find the answer together. 

Let’s first examine the Walmart brand. He continues his career internationally, where he started as a small discount retailer at Walmart, Rogers, Ark. With its innovation-oriented development, it allows shopping online and in stores. The Walmart brand now sells in 24 countries and through e-commerce sites and provides vehicle accessories and drums services. You must have come across the Walmart brand anyway.

So, does Walmart brand accept returns on batteries? The shopping you make from the Walmart brand can be done directly through Walmart or e-commerce sites with which the brand is in cooperation. To be able to return it, you have to return the battery before 3 months. There is a privilege that Walmart offers to its customers regarding returns. You can return in-store items free of charge by post or home pickup. Also, remember to have your in-store receipt,, or Walmart Business order number when making a return.

In addition, the brand reserves the right to limit or refuse returns and exchanges, regardless of whether the customer has a receipt. In particular, Walmart may not accept returns in line with the healthy and correct decisions that store managers give a negative response to. In short, if we define the brand, it follows a policy that both prioritizes customer satisfaction and values its employees. You can return your battery at Walmart when you meet the necessary conditions.

Can I Return the Car Battery to O Reilly’s?

Batteries are products that can easily break down or have errors in them. That’s why making a change can be a necessity. Every brand has a different attitude. We examined the attitudes of AutoZone and Walmart brands toward battery returns. Well, let’s see how another well-known brand O’Reilly’s, is in this regard. 

It’s O’Reilly’s, an auto parts retailer since 1957. The brand aims to provide retail customers, professional installers, and employers with quality products and the highest level of service at the best price. O’Reilly’s continues its journey, which started as a single store in Missouri, with 5,910 stores in 47 US states and 28 ORMA stores in Mexico, and more than 84,000 team members.

O’Reilly’s brand follows a slightly different return attitude compared to the other brands we reviewed. It doesn’t set a time limit for returns, it just asks you to return it as soon as possible. When the product is unopened, and all parts are complete, they return your product.

But of course, there are certain conditions for this return. Customers are responsible for shipping costs when returning. You must obtain an RMA (Return Material Authorization) from You can request a return on the site or return it from any O’Reilly store. 

As you know, you can have many reasons to return a battery you purchased, but O’Reilly’s brand must approve this as with other brands. Therefore, the product return process may take some time. But this brlacaktırand, prioritizing customer satisfaction, will try to respond to your problem as quickly as possible. You can reach the customer representatives of the brand and get more detailed information at the point where you think your problem is not resolved or that you have trouble returning.

Can I Return the Car Battery to Costco?

Can You Get a Refund on a Car Battery, costco

Speaking of batteries, it is necessary not to mention the Costco brand. Costco brand was founded in 1976 in Seattle, Washington, USA. Since then, it has been a brand that guarantees satisfaction in every product it sells. Therefore, it is a brand that you can easily return products. If you are going to pay for the battery as in other brands, you have to make this change within 90 days.

There may be changes in some products, so if your return process will take longer, it would be useful to call the customer representative and get detailed information. You can return a battery that you bought from Costco at one of the Costco stores where you want it. You can request a refund through the website, namely

But let’s not forget that the accepted payment methods differ in warehouses and online. There may be changes in the return conditions of the brand sometimes. For this, you must look at the details on Costco’s website or ask for help from a customer representative, as with other brands.

The Costco brand takes this return route: Indicates that the battery purchased must be returned to any Costco warehouse for an immediate refund, including shipping and handling fees. The Costco brand does not charge a return fee like other brands. 

In addition, if you bought your battery through the cargo company, it provides a product return as delivered. There are exceptional cases in the brand’s returning policy. The returning status of Costco Warehouse Special Event purchases, which may include Special Order Kiosks, Special Installed Programs, or delivery, works differently. A Costco Customer representative will assist you in getting more detailed information on this issue.

When you decide to return the product and start the process, the courier company will contact you within 5 – 7 working days at the phone number specified in your order. When you are contacted, you can return within a date range that suits you. Then you need to confirm that your order has been received and moved.


You can obtain the batteries that run our vehicles and provide a lively environment from one of the thousands of brands. When you buy a battery, and you think there is a problem with the battery, you may want to return it. But when it comes to the battery, the following question automatically appears in people’s minds: Can you get a refund on a car battery?

We addressed this question through popular brands where you can find car accessories, such as Walmart, O’Reilly’s, and Costco. The answer to our question is that you can take back a battery you bought. But each brand has different rules about readmission. When you follow these rules, you can get both product returns and money back.

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