Battery ResQ Review

Battery ResQ Review

You can notice that technological devices have advanced significantly over time. We remember the computers that were as big as a room back then. Pocket-sized smartphones are now a million times better than those computers. 

It may surprise you to stop and consider how well computers have evolved and how reliant we have become on these devices. They are with us almost every single time daily. However, the common feature shared by almost every technological device is a power source.

At present, power banks are another technological device that is mostly used today. You can see people carrying power banks with their cell phones, tablets, or any other USB devices anytime. 

Since all technological devices become more useful when they get smaller, power banks are made smaller to please the user in terms of portability. Battery ResQ is a new generation rechargeable power bank. 

The ResQBattery can last up to 5-years. In terms of temperature, the ResQBattery is only responsive to very high temperatures, and that means you can keep it in your car or coat during winter.

Pros Cons
Safe for Environment The Charger is Not Compatible With iPhone
Cable-Free No Indicator Included
Portability The Product Does Not Alert You When the Battery is Dead
Compatibility As the Charger is Too Small, You May Lose it

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Who Is This Product For?

ResQ Battery is a fantastic gadget you will need to charge your technological devices anytime. It is critical to be able to reach the ones you need to call in situations where you may be without electricity, in hurricanes or other natural disasters or storms, or even if you have a dead battery. 

Although you think that rechargeable batteries are an option, ResQBattery is far better than them as it is unnecessary to charge the battery before using it. Unfortunately, if you fail to charge your power bank, it becomes useless.

The ResQBattery is a stylish, portable charger that is small and light. It has a high-end, sturdy build that is incredibly comfortable to hold. You may be pleasantly surprised because the construction exceeded our expectations, given that it is a one-time-use emergency phone charger that is utterly useless once the battery is depleted. 

Over it, a cute little on/off switch allows you to start or stop the charging process, and an LED indicator lets you know when the charger is in use. The micro-USB pin is a little long, likely to make it easier to use on phones with protective cases. Each side of the charger has a cute dimple in the middle that makes it simple to plug it in and take it out.

Features of Battery ResQ


The ResQ battery is appropriate for Androids. The ResQBattery can be used all at once or spread out over 5 hours once the on/off button is turned on. It won’t work if your device isn’t an Android or MicroUSB device. You could recycle the ResQBattery if you’ve used up all of its energy.  

ResQBattery is a small, disposable battery that needs to be plugged into mobile devices and provides enough power to increase battery life by up to five hours. It has a micro-USB interface. 

While camping or stranded in the middle of an electricity outage, this power bank can be helpful in an emergency to jump-start a depleted smartphone battery. The battery is completely safe and made of environmentally friendly materials. Turn it on and plug it in to use it; that is its USP. Then, BOOM, it will immediately begin charging your phone!

ResQBattery only functions with smartphones and tablets that have a micro-USB connector in this version. All Apple devices will be compatible with the upcoming generation.

Battery Life

This pocket-sized charger brings the dream to life. We don’t have any jumpers this small on the market and so powerful at the same time. In addition, your battery won’t be monitored if it’s completely dead. It may be small, but Battery ResQ is powerful.

You can plug ResQBattery into your Android, Windows, or BlackBerry phone. This 1300mAh charger charges your phone automatically and keeps it running for a long time. 

You don’t have to carry an extra cable because the Micro-USB connection does everything you need. Plus, you can charge while keeping your smartphone’s case on. With its pre-charged design, ResQBattery fits easily in your pocket or handbag and recharges your smartphone at a moment’s notice.

And if you are not content with that, you’ll also feel secure knowing that the device comes equipped with a 3-mode LED flashlight in an emergency. Whether you want to start or stop the power, a cute little on/off switch is located over it, and a handy LED indicator is there to alert you while you are using the power bank. 

The micro-USB pin is a little long, probably so that phones with protective cases can use them without difficulty. However, a cute dimple in the middle can be found on each side of the charger, making it simple to plug it in and take it out.

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The ResQBatter is environmentally friendly because it is entirely recyclable, biodegradable, and non-hazardous. Lithium, contained within the battery, is used to make the ResQBattery. To guarantee the quality and safety of the device, it has also managed to pass safety checks by the FCC and CE.

The red battery, with a capacity of 1300mAh, is made of recyclable materials and is safe to use. The convenience of using it – turn it on and plug it in – is its USP. 

It will immediately begin charging your phone! The item can be used repeatedly until the battery runs out. Although some charge is left in the LED light even after it has been discharged, it is insufficient to recharge the phone. For those who are worried, ResQBattery has received CE and FCC approval.

Easy to Carry

ResQBattery is a disposable device prepared for use right away and can save the day when one feels helpless in an emergency. The product is portable and generally useful, but it could have been even more helpful if it had a faster charging time and a bigger battery. Nevertheless, its five-year shelf life is impressive because it allows for portability on a last-minute adventurous trip.

A tiny, disposable battery called a ResQBattery can extend the life of a mobile device’s battery by up to five hours and plugs right into it. A micro-USB interface is present. This pocket-sized charger can be used in an emergency to jump-start a dead smartphone battery while camping. 

Final Verdict

When one feels helpless in an emergency, ResQBattery is a disposable device ready for use immediately. The item is portable and generally functional, but it could have been improved by providing a faster charging time and a larger battery. Its five-year shelf life, which allows one to bring it along on an impromptu adventurous trip, is impressive. The adorable little thing can serve as a display piece on your desk after it has passed away.

It is crucial to realize that Battery ResQ is a single-use device. It works well for instant use and can be very useful in emergencies—no need to feel helpless because you can carry this practical tool anywhere safely. 

It has a larger battery and supports an excellent charging speed. The five-year shelf life is the best feature. You don’t need to worry about charging your phone or other technological devices the next time you want to go on a spontaneous, adventurous trip. You can start using Battery ResQ immediately after fully loading it.

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Top Amazon Customer Comments

Paul M. – ⭐⭐

Review: When I placed this order it said package of 2. I only got 1…

Paul Lawler – ⭐

Review: I brought 3 of these Battery ESQ products that won’t fully charge a simple cellphone or cstart a vehicle with a dead battery.

Aisling – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I bought these for my daughter, because YOU NEVER KNOW. My friend’s daughter got lost on a mountain skiing. It was getting dark and her phone was almost down to zero %, but my friend made her daughter take a portable charger with her and thankfully she had reception. Now, when my daughter or son goes to a party, the mall, whatever I know they will always be able to charge their phone. No excuses! 😉 These are small and can easily slip in a pocket. Perfect for camping, hiking, and international travel.

thoughtmonger – ⭐

Review: Another horrible idea. More toxic tech garbage. Why couldn’t they be rechargeable? Any time you see the word disposable, back away.

Amazon Customer – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Wow, this charger is a lifesaver – for 6 bucks I avoided so much trouble. At 4AM on the way home from a party I realized I don’t have the keys to my apartment and my cell phone was dead. And this charger let me to turn on my phone again and wake up my roommate, who was sleeping over her boyfriend’s place. Since I only used it for like 25 minutes, I still have a few hours on it to use, so it’s still in my bag until it runs out…

VG – ⭐

Review: The aboslute worst of human creations. There are small chargers you can recharge already.

Lyra – ⭐

Review: Please stay away from these sorts of shoddy disposable commodities. There are countless other rechargeable options on the market; use them instead.

Amazon Customer – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: This is my 2nd order, I bought some for myself and they were so useful that I bought two for my daughter. They are easy to use, I love the vibrant colors makes it easy to find in your pocketbook or car and it’s just what you need when you’re away from a charger, and they were a lifesaver when my daughter forgot her charger and her phone died at school.


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